Let customers remember you, consistently

Stay-in-touch with this easy, affordable and automatic tool. Smiles delivered.

What We Do

Doing the hard work for you to solve your “I don’t have time to stay in touch” problem. A stay-in-touch marketing system that sends out specific messages like birthday, holidays & monthly inspirational quotes at defined times to your customers & prospects.

  • No reminders to act on.
  • No templates to fiddle with.
  • No crafting of messages.


Latest update

How to be busy yet stay nice?

  1. Avoid getting in touch only when you need something.
  2. Less pushing, more pulling.
  3. Inject love into your business. It starts from you.
  4. Find a tool that helps you to do the above.
You could already be staying-in-touch while reading these.
Try it risk free 

How We Started

We started and built the company based on this core guiding principle – We really believe that if you treat others as you want to be treated yourself, the wheel of business and ultimately life will be much smoother for everyone. A bit of random kindness, an effort to reach out, making another person laugh, delivering fantastic service, delivering happiness.

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